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Kimberly Wallace is a friendly, honest and professional paralegal specializing in Wills & Estates matters in Calgary and surrounding areas. 

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About Me

"A good estate plan can serve as a powerful symbol of a life well lived - and an end of life well planned."

I am a Wills and Estates paralegal with over 25 years of experience. I provide honest, reliable, and courteous services to all of my clients. 

I genuinely enjoy spending time with my clients to help them achieve peace of mind with my professional, efficient, and affordable services.

I take pride in giving back to my community, and I have volunteered over the years for many organizations, including the Canadian Cancer Foundation, Calgary Reads to Kids, Inn from the Cold, United Way, Dreams Take Flight, and the Kerby Centre. 

Kimberly Wallace

Paralegal & Commissioner for Oaths

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Wills Package: I prepare a package which includes a Will, Enduring Power of Attorney and Personal Directive.  My fees include an initial meeting of one hour to receive instructions from the client, preparation of documents followed by an email or phone call to the client to review and approve the documents, and once approved by the client, include a final meeting to review and sign the documents.*

Estate Probate/Administration: I prepare the application for probate (with Will) or the application for administration (without Will) for filing at the Court of Queen’s Bench (Surrogate Matters).  My fee includes all telephone calls and meetings with the client to review the process, receive instructions, review the executor/administrator duties, and sign the Court application.*

* I have been professionally trained and I have many years of paralegal experience concentrating on the legal procedures and requirements for preparing wills and estate probate/administration in Alberta. Paralegals in Alberta cannot provide legal advice, and if requested or if your matter requires it, I will refer you to an experienced estates lawyer in Calgary. 

How It Works

The Process

Initial Meeting

I meet with you initially for about an hour to review the process and receive your instructions.

File Preparation

I provide the draft documents for your review and approval within a few days.


Any probate or estate administration documents are filed by the Executor at Court.

DISCLAIMER: Paralegals do not give legal advice; if you have a complicated or difficult estate matter or question, I can refer you to an experienced estate lawyer. 

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Photo of Kimberly Wallace, The Estate Lady, Calgary Paralegal
Kimberly Wallace
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions people ask before working with me. 

Estate Probate is a legal process where documents are prepared and filed, together with the original Will, in the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta. Estate Probate is necessary to validate the Will and ensure that the property of the deceased person is passed to the correct beneficiaries according to the directions set out in the Will.

It is not always necessary, especially when there are two spouses who hold all of their property in joint names. However, when there is a sole owner of assets, including a large sum in the bank and real estate, an application for Probate is required before property can be transferred.

Estate Administration is similar to probate, except that there is no Will and the deceased held assets in the bank or had real estate. An application by an administrator(s) would be made in the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta.

A Personal Directive (or a Living Will) is an important document to prepare when you are a healthy adult. It appoints someone (an Agent) to make health-care related decisions for you should you lose mental capacity due to a terminal illness, accidental injury, or stroke. This document sets out your wishes for your healthcare, residence, activities and medical treatments that your agent is to determine on your behalf with the guidance of a physician or a psychologist. 

An Enduring Power of Attorney is an important document to make when you are a healthy adult. It is a legal granting of authority which appoints someone (an “attorney”) to make financial decisions on your behalf, either immediately or when one or two physicians sign a declaration of incapacity. 

It is very important to appoint a trusted friend or family member as your attorney as they ‘step into your shoes’ and make decisions on your behalf, including banking, investments, real estate, filing your taxes, and other related financial decisions.

The purpose of writing a Will is to direct how your assets are distributed and who controls them. It appoints a Personal Representative(s) and gives direction to that person or persons on how you wish your estate to be distributed. It is a very important legal document to prepare as a healthy adult if you have an Estate (assets such as a home or bank account) or if you have minor children who would require a guardian and trustee to be appointed. 

Without a Will, you are giving control of your assets to the government, who would decide how your estate is divided and who will take care of your children. You can make a bequest, such as a charitable donation, and you can set out your wishes for your funeral. A properly written Will supports your personal values, mitigates potential family disputes, and preserves your legacy. 

“A good estate plan can serve as a powerful symbol of a life well lived – and an end of life well planned.”

I accept payments by etransfer, cheque and cash. 

You do not need a lawyer, however if your estate matters and division of assets are complicated (such as overseas property and offshore or international accounts) then I am pleased to refer you to an experienced estates lawyer.

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